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I tried my hardest to not let it get under my skin but I was failing miserably and fast. My heart started to race and I could feel the heat flooding my face. Why people think it’s ok to be mean and rude is just beyond me. The sound in my husbands voice made me mad for him. This mama and wife does not like it when someone comes against my family. I searched for the words to say to ease the sting and I came up empty. Truth is I wanted to get in the car and go knock someone out! Yes, that is the truth!! {pray for me I’m a work in progress} 

I’m learning though that my reaction to others and their reactions are teaching my children how to deal with people and issues. I’m finding that just because I love Jesus doesn’t mean my self control is in “love” mode automatically. I have to commit myself to be in control before I react and most times it’s as simple as just…shaking it off. We are human and have our bad days. I try to put myself in someone else’s shoes and consider the situation. This takes a whole of practice, self control, and Jesus! I have failed MANY times {ask my kids they’ll tell ya a few stories} but I am failing less as I learn that most of the time it isn’t personal it’s just people. I have spent way too many hours “feeling” responsible for the attitudes and actions of others. How people treat you is a reflection of them, not you, so shake it off!!