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I’m sitting here in my car sipping on a pumpkin spice latte and not at all feeling one bit of guilt!! I’m a full time mom who homeschools two children while my other son is a freshman in high school and another in the Marines. The past 13 years have been surrounded with endless nights of football practice, homework, and laundry! 

I love my life. I love who I do life with but I need to take a minute and just do nothing! We, moms and dads, need a moment of absolute down time. Even if it’s just sitting in the car {alone} with a cup of coffee. Ya, it might sound silly but I’m at peace right now. There is so much noise in my head in a typical day to make me want to scream! I’m a doer and I enjoy people. I am also my own worst enemy too. Learning to have self control over my to do list and my urge to do things for people has allowed me to rest. The older I get the more I value just a minute of peace and quiet. I hope tonight you can find a minute of quiet time. Put the kids to bed, forget about the dishes {they’ll be there tomorrow} and go flop on the couch and relax. It’s ok! You earned it!! Make you important! Put yourself on your to do list! No one benefits if you lose your peace and go all cra cra on someone all because you ran yourself too hard! Been there and done that 😛 it wasn’t pretty!! Take my advice…a little r and r works wonders!! 

Good night my friends!!