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Today, right where you are, let these words settle in…You are the reason Jesus came. 

I know it’s been said so many times before. We can say it so flipidly it becomes a slogan without conviction…Jesus loves you. It’s true though…he really does. This Christmas I want you to consider the personal gift you were given when Jesus came so many years ago. Why he came. Yes, the story is timeless and never loses its splendor but it’s more than just a story; he was more than just a baby born in a manger. He is Emmanuel, God with us. I love that! Jesus is with me; he’s with you! What a gift!! To have the presence of Jesus with you always is a guarantee that you’ll never be alone. A friend forever. An advocate always fighting for you. He offers freedom. Healing. Blessings. Everything he has is available to you. Jesus is yours!  Talk about the gift that keeps on giving! 

My prayer to you this Christmas season is that you fully capture the reason of Jesus’ birth…you. That you would get a glimpse of the love the Father has for you and make it personal. It is personal. If you would have been the only one he would have lived, died, and rose again just for you. He loves you and longs for you to know it and to live from a place of absolute security in it. There is no end to his love and favor. Even after all the lights, trees, and decorations are gone he will still be with you…in you…for you…your personal gift of life, hope, joy, and peace all year round!  

Merry Christmas!!