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So you’re moving along and out of nowhere you have to be rerouted. Ugh! So annoying! It’s never the easy or quickest way. No, you go over the mountains and through the woods only to come back to where you initially wanted to go in the first place. I recall a story where the Lord took his people through a detour because they would have fought an enemy they weren’t prepared for. The people were tired and needed a rest. Have you ever felt that God could have just did it “this” way instead? It would have been easier, right? But look at what they learned. How he protected them. Provided for them. Miracle after miracle. Could he have protected and provided for them another way? Yes, but this way was part of the transformation of them not their surroundings. In other words, character over comfort. Sure, it wasn’t easy and many died never having seen the promise land, BUT think of those who never gave up. They got there. Prepared. Ready. Different. Changed. Whatever your detour is, it’s for your good. Don’t look around you disheartened. You are being led right where you’re supposed to go. March forward. Enjoy the scenery. Take it all in and trust you’re headed in the right direction!!!