I, along with every little girl ever born, longs to be a princess; to be rescued by a prince on a white horse and carried away to a beautiful castle to live happily ever after. I also know all to well the older I get the more that desire becomes simply a childhood fantasy that will always remain just that, a fantasy. As I sit here on Easter Sunday pondering on the overwhelming love Jesus has for me I am soberly reminded of how I have been rescued. Like the day I had my first child I was rescued by the love of a baby who changed my life forever as I became a mom. How about the day I became a wife to the most handsomest man ever, he rescued me from a life of loneliness and chaos oh we didn’t ride away on a white horse it was more like a grey Toyota but he was my prince and this was the start of my happily ever after. Today, this day over 2000 years ago I was also rescued by the love a man who would forever change my life. He didn’t live a life of a prince in a castle nor did He ride on a white horse but rather He died a death of a common sinner and was buried in a borrowed grave. His most loving act of self-sacrifice transcends my idea of the greatest love story ever told. You see my longing of being a princess had already became a reality before I was ever born. The Prince of Peace had a plan to rescue me from sin and death long before I ever was. He looked down into eternity and couldn’t imagine being separated from me and so He came and died so that we would never be separated again. He lived a life as a commoner, a regular person, an average man just like us. He left His castle and His throne, His Father, all of His majesty to come and rescue me, to make me His heir, His bride, to make me His. All along the desire to be a princess had already been fulfilled I just didn’t know it. Today I acknowledge the price paid and accept the gift of eternal life, the price that bought my right to be seated with my Prince in Heavenly places. I am a Princess because my daddy is the Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords…and I will live happily ever after.