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Trying to manage a household is a huge undertaking at times; with 3 boys at home and one away in the Marines, a husband, a dog and lets not forget to mention…me. There are days where the pressures of life have swallowed me whole. Taking a moment to stop and breathe can be the most inconvenient task of all. 

I have noticed that my peace of mind and well being always seems to come last. Why? I’m not sure really. As a mom I feel the need to make sure all is well with everyone else first. I want to be guilt free before enjoying a coffee or my favorite show. I want to be a great mommy. I want my kids to know how much I love them. No sacrifice seems to be too much. My motives are great but I do feel at times my methods are not. 

Killing myself will not prove anything other than I’m not able to manage myself wisely. I was put here to be many things, to many people, but, I was not meant to be over worked and miserable. There is no way I can be my best self if I am last on my own list. Giving the best that I got comes with a lot of practice and being intentional. Taking time for myself has got to be a priority not for selfish desires but for my own preservation. 

How do I do this? I have to keep promises to myself.  Situations will come up and that will take priority but if I’m tired I still need to take a moment to read or make a cup of coffee and relax. I can’t be so quick to dismiss the moments I have to do something for me. Yes, go shopping ALONE! My household will be fine without me for an hour. They will survive! 

We as moms need to be free to be women with desires and interest that are not centered around our homes. It’s ok. Those deep desires will lead to fulfillment that regenerates our heart and spirit. There will come a time when the kids go and it’s just you and the hubby, then what? Start now. I am. I’m writing. I’m reading. I’m enjoying the things that make me full. I am discovering who I am alone. I hope you can learn to do the same without the guilt and maybe discover some hidden secrets about yourself. You’re worth the discovery so go exploring and enjoy the journey!!