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Well, today wasn’t so bad after all. I managed to make it out of Walmart alive. Yahoo! Honestly, it really is never that bad unless I get a bad cart and then it’s game on! LOL! So, the summer is coming to a close and for our family that means…football season! We love football and all of my 4 boys have played and 3 currently are. I look back and some of my fondest memories are of watching and cheering my boys on. I miss the days of my oldest playing. Time seems to fly by so fast, you blink, and it’s over. Watching the crowd. Seeing my boy score a touchdown. Crying with joy. Chasing all the littles one around as I am trying to concentrate on the game. Those were the good ole days. But as I was attending my second sons freshman football orientation today I was reminded of all that is to come. More memories. More cheering. More joy. The times that have past are to be cherished but the present must be lived in. If we’re not careful we can look back so far, so long and loose sight of where we are today. As much as I loved my yesterdays I need to fall in love with today. Make new memories. New traditions. There is never going to be another today. Why don’t we stop right now and take a mental note of what today brought us. You may have had a terrible day but, it is not over yet. Don’t linger in the negative. Go make a memory. Hug your babies. Whisper in your hubby’s ear a sweet nothing. Take a picture. Soon enough today will be a “good ole day” you’re looking back on.

Em 🙂