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It’s Friday y’all; another week almost over. I’m not sure what you’ve be waiting and hoping for, but if you’re like me there are a few promises and dreams that have yet to come to pass. There is no easy way to wait after you’ve done all you could do. Waiting has to be the hardest thing to do when all hell seems to be breaking loose all around you. How do you hope when there is no shred of evidence that anything good is coming around the corner? The bible says to TAKE courage {Psalm 31:24}. Courage is the mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty. When we take courage we become courageous. You are convinced that what God tells you is true. You obey his word. You count on it. This takes courage!! To believe! To trust! To go forward! To pursue! The Lord calls us out when he gives a word that has yet to happen. He dares us to believe him. He draws us out beyond our borders of trust. We only intend to go as far as we can see but God intends to take us deeper where we can’t see. Walking out on his promise is our faith in action. Can we believe a little longer? Do we have enough hope for one more day? Are we courageous enough? Lord, I pray that courage would overtake us as we take another step closer towards you. You promised to never leaver or forsake us. You said that you are for us. You said that victory is ours. You said that your hope doesn’t disappoint. Lord, I stand with my brothers and sisters and believe with them that you will do what you’ve said. That you are our way maker. We believe! We trust! We are your courageous people!! In Jeus name…Amen!