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I love the ocean! It’s overwhelming to look at let alone be in. When we went to Florida we couldn’t wait to get to the ocean and put our feet in the sand. That day, as we were driving, it started to rain. Seriously?! We came this far and it rains!! I had determined that no matter what we are going in the water rain or shine! The water was so warm {a welcomed surprise} before we knew it the rain was not even an issue. I’m glad I didn’t let it get me down and ruin our day. Lord no matter what the day looks like I ask you give us a fresh perspective. You know what lies ahead of us. Kids. Work. Deadlines. Grocery shopping. You see it all. Help us to focus on the positive and the good you are doing. Open our eyes to see you in the most unexpected of places and things today. Energize us. Empower us. Protect us. Bless us. Lord we trust you and your amazing plan for our lives even if the day has started with a little unexpected rain. In Jesus name…Amen!!