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If you knew someone to be a liar would you continue to believe a word they said? Sadly, we do it everyday, all day. The bible says the enemy {satan} is the father of lies. His sole purpose is to get us to believe every whisper he says in our ear; you’re not good enough, nothing will ever change, no one loves you, you can’t do that, quit so you don’t look like a fool. These are all lies!!! His primary cause is to draw us away from the truth of Gods word that says; We are overcomers, We are the righteousness of God, We are created for a purpose, Jesus loves us, We can do all things through Christ. We are told to put on the belt of truth because a belt secures our clothing and holds our weapons. It’s crucial that we believe and hold onto the truth of Gods word for our everyday life. For without it we are running into battle unequipped and looking like a fool with our pants on the ground. Honestly, nobody has time for that!! Lord may we discern your voice today above the lies and confusion. Open our ears to know your voice and may every lie of the devil be extinguished in Jesus name…Amen!!!