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Usually we hear “fake it till you make it” well, I’ve never been a good faker. Sometimes I’m a little too honest. Forget poker, I get way too excited if I get a good hand. However, one thing I try to do well is have faith. Trying to keep it all pretty, neat, and wrapped up in a bow is too tiring, and to be honest, not real. The struggle is real and so is life. I cry. I lose it. I laugh. I’m crazy. When times are hard, I believe {through the tears}. When times are good, I praise him {more tears}. No part of this life I live is unintentional. Every choice I make to keep moving, keep praying, and continue believing is to build my life on a foundation of hope, trust, and faith in Jesus. I can’t fake my way through this life but I can have faith and be the real me. I was never meant to misrepresent myself or Jesus. What you see is what you get. Sometimes, it’s ugly {keep praying for me} but I’m on a journey. I pray we all discover a place in Jesus where we can be who he created us to be while working towards a place he wants us to be. Our walk isn’t perfect but our God is. Thank goodness for that!!