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I love Saturdays! I get to sleep in and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. There’s no rushing. No yelling to hurry up and get ready. I’m not attacked by the teenager with his hurtful morning breath of angry words of how much I don’t love him because I’m waking him up {I’m so mean pray for me}. I can cuddle with the hubby. It’s my favorite day where no routine is needed, but it’s usually the day where I don’t sit quietly before the Lord and pray. I tend to get a little lazy and before you know it I’m grouchy! I’m like a child who needs her routine and has to be alone with Jesus or I’ll be a mess. Fail to pray, plan to panic. It’s my new mantra. I absolutely have to make time. Prayer is more than just a time of putting my needs before the Lord, it’s our morning meeting where Jesus equips me and prepares me for the day. It’s where I gain perspective and my daily dose of mercy. This is a non negotiable time or at least it should be. So as I am sitting here watching my son play football I took a moment and met with Jesus. I’m all good now. Hope y’all have a great Saturday!!