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Today will not be the day the Lord breaks his promise to you. Neither will tomorrow or the day after. He is unchanging and every word he has said is true. Every promise he has given will come to pass. Every ache you feel at this present moment is serving a far greater purpose. Your promise with process is nothing but an inheritance to be spent unwisely and wasted. Wait for it. Dwell there in that dry place. Even though it seems like nothing is growing there…you are! I pray Lord that everyone reading this will be infused with new hope and enduring faith. I pray that you, Lord,  remind them today of how faithful you are. Show them your goodness in their desert. Provide for every need. Illuminate their way. Strengthen them. It is not your intention that they die there. You will see them through this because of your promise!! Help us to believe again today! In Jesus name…Amen!!