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Good morning y’all 😀 I woke up with a full plate on my mind. Thoughts of all there was to do today and I was immediately tired {did I mention I just woke up?}. My favorite new quote is “fail to pray plan to panic” isn’t that so true?! So, Help me Jesus!! As I start my day and get busy steady my heart and emotions today. Remind me that I am only human and simply can’t do it all.  Give me grace for every moment I get ahead of myself. Give me strength to have self control when I feel my patience slipping. Go before me and prepare secret surprises of joy and blessing. Allow me to be a blessing to those I may come in contact with today. Awaken my heart to your presence and abundance of who you are. I am deeply loved. I am more than enough. I will not lose my mind today! In Jesus name…Amen. Now go and have a great day my friends!! 😁