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When the Lord called us out to Texas my family and I had to walk away from family, friends, church family, and our football family. One of the hardest things for my husband was having to give up coaching his football team. He literally cried {that NEVER happens ever}. Those kids were his heart. He loves coaching and we had built our family on faith, family, and football. Moving was NEVER on our radar and to some we seemed a little crazy {to most…a lot crazy} but to us this was our life. We knew the Lord was directing us to move. Our obedience to the Lord came at a price but God delights over us when we trust him especially when the cost seems to be too high. It’s been 4 years since my husband last coached football and this season he had an opportunity to coach again. Yahoo!! I love to see God restore to us the desires of our heart. He promises to give us far more than we ever gave up for his sake. He’s faithful like that. We don’t always see how or when but he will restore…eventually. Hold onto hope that restoration is in the plan for your life. Count on it. Depend on it. It WILL happen!!!