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Never before have I believed such a truth. In order for me to maintain a healthy relationship with myself I MUST have boundaries {something that indicates or fixes a limit on behavior or people}. This is an act of love towards me, for me, and by me. No one can determine for us where our boundary lines should be drawn. {I love football so forgive the football analogies but they work and have helped me to see this subject differently} In this life we will deal with all sorts of people {teams}. Takers. Givers. Bullies. Family. Co workers and we will learn that not everyone plays fair. We get hurt. We hurt others. Being on the defense {waiting for someone to hurt us…anticipating an offense} we become fearful. We withdraw. We get bitter. We build imaginary walls that becomes an attack against ourselves. We were meant for relationships. Being on the offense {having boubdaries} allows us to call the plays for ourselves. Sure, not everyone will oblige peacefully but that’s their problem not ours. Not having boundaries {an offensive plan} allows everyone open access to us. Not everyone should have that privilege. Take a look at past experiences and I’m sure you’ll see areas of weakness {we all have them}. You’ll notice those areas are a place of fear. Fear convinces us of a lie. That lie may say “you can’t say no because they will be hurt” or “just let it go and next time you’ll stand up for yourself” how about “this is the way it’s always been” or “I don’t want to offend anyone.” In all those scenarios YOU lose. You have a right to be treated with respect. NO ONE should be allowed to encroach {to enter by gradual steps or by stealth into the possessions or rights of another} into your territory without your consent. For many years I tried to please, appease, and live by the desires of others. I was miserable! The Lord had to convince me that I was important too…that I had options. I didn’t have to live that way and neither do you. Step away for a bit and make note of what hurts and decide what you can do to stop the pain. Surely this is a process but a worthwhile one. I don’t want you to live another day in fear or behind a wall. It’s time to come out and call the plays that allow you to score and win!! I’m rooting for you and so is all of heaven!