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No amount of service to a cause, or organization could ever fulfill my call to my family. This is a personal mandate specifically for me. The act of serving others is a beautiful gift. I am called to a life where my passion is to serve. I enjoy it, but what good does it do to help and love others if my family is forgotten in the process? They are my greatest ministry. I was given 4 boys to raise, to love, to teach, to equip, and to send out into the world. Imagine a world where children grow up with a confidence that comes from knowing their loved. They would be brave. Secure. Fearless. Givers. God fearing. Healthy: mind, body, and spirit. This doesn’t just happen. Make them a priority {I’m not saying don’t get involved in things or don’t give but I am saying make sure your family comes first}. Love the heck out of them. What you do now will impact generations to come so serve and love them well. I say thank you in advance for a job well done!!