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I didn’t realize it was me. I had always been the hurt one. The easily offended one. But why? The self reflection process is not an easy one. We all have places we don’t want to go to inwardly. Dealing with these hidden places takes courage and requires absolute honesty with yourself and God. Our default mode {you fill in the blank} is a learned behavior. For me, there were real reasons I felt the way I did. Hurt. Abandoned. Betrayed. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t right, but too many people were paying the price for my tainted perspective including me and enough was enough. I finally got tired and decided to fix the problem…me. I may not have created the problem but I did have to take responsibility for how I handled it. People will continue to be imperfect but it can no longer trigger my old default {offense, people pleasing, lack of confidence, fear}. I have been reprogrammed by the love and care of a good God. This healing process came at a dear price but I’m so glad I didn’t give up. You are worth the process of your healing. It will take time. There will be a lot of tears but if you’re consistent healing will come. You have too much to do to not be whole and free. Allow God to go deeper and he promises you’ll never be the same! All in favor of healing say I!!