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There is a story in the bible {John 9} that talks about a blind man who was blind from birth. The disciples asked “who sinned, was it his mother or father?” Jesus clearly said neither,  but it was an opportunity to see the miracle working power of Jesus.

I wonder what we see today that leaves us asking “whose fault is this?” So many issues. So many hurts. Fact is people are hurting. The man was clearly blind. Did it matter how? I wonder if we stopped trying to find blame and found an opportunity for God to show up and display himself in front of a skeptical world, whose life would be changed? 

What have you looked at lately that bothers you? Maybe some injustice or problem that begs an answer of why. Are you in a position to help? Would you? We won’t always have an answer to the whys, but we can always apply Jesus to every situation. Ask the Lord to show you what part you can play in making this world a better place. Seek out opportunities to show the love and grace of God to hurting people. Don’t judge. Don’t ask questions that lead to pointing fingers, but point them to Jesus instead!