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Good morning friends!! I feel it in my heart that someone needs to know this today!! 

When I was little I heard that children were to be seen and not heard and in order to keep the peace we were to keep quiet. Here’s my thought on that…silence is NOT peace…it’s the absence of sound and how could we ever keep the peace when there was none to begin with?  

I saw and experienced injustice and dysfunction all around me as a child. It created a fear based mentality that crippled me from speaking truth. No matter how bad I wanted to speak up I couldn’t. There was no peace only silence; they are NOT the same. The idea that my words could bring destruction haunted me until I discovered that I was meant to bring destruction to lies with Gods word in me!! God has given us an arsenal, his WORD, to combat the lies of the enemy. Had I known that my destiny was to speak and use my words to tear down lies I wouldn’t have wasted so many years in silence. You see the moment a truth is spoken we have just spoken life. We have declared war over death in an area! I love it!! Our words our powerful!! They can bless or curse. They can tear down or build up. They speak life or death. We choose. We have authority in Christ and the enemy wants to keep us from using it.

The lies from my childhood had caused a lot of damage but those lies were no match against Gods truth. It doesn’t happen overnight but this damage can be reversed!! I’ve had to dig deep and discover what God says about me and my life. What he likes and dislikes. What pleases him, what doesn’t. He longs to shed his light on the dark abandoned places of our heart, the areas where no one is allowed to go, not even us. He longs for us to speak the truth to ourselves even if it hurts, even if we’ve never said it out loud…we need to. It’s time to be seen and heard. It’s time to be free. 

I don’t know where you are today in your journey but I want to encourage you that you are seen and heard by a God who deeply loves you. He wants you to know his heart towards you. He wants to dismantle every lie and replace it with his freeing truth. He wants to be your friend, your refuge, your safe place to hide. He wants you to know you’re safe with him and in him there is real peace. Friends don’t waste another moment in silence and fear. God is waiting and knocking on your hearts door…will you have the courage to open it and let him in and find your voice?!