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Good morning friends!!

From the moment I woke up I had the thought that I needed to call someone specific to pray with me and then the word “allies” immediately came to mind {I am learning to not dismiss the little things or the little movies that play out in my mind. This is a new concept that has set me free from thinking I am crazy or random}. Leviticus 26:8 said that…Five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall chase ten thousand, and your enemies shall fall before you by the sword. 

There is power in unity and joining forces with our allies {ally: to join yourself with another person, group, etc., in order to get or give support} is what the Lord is calling us to do, today. He never gives us a strategy that will fail. We must pray from a standpoint of victory and who we align ourselves with matters. We need people who will fight with us in prayer and not let go until victory has been manifested. Go and unite and see strongholds broken, captives set free, the sick be healed, our families be whole, financial stability and abundance to overflow and for God to invade our lives with his presence!!!  

I pray today that we become aware of who is with us and for us; that our allies will be evident and that we have the courage to join with them. I pray a spirit of boldness to overtake us as we pray in unity with one another for where two or more are gathered we know that You are in our midst. We thank you for strategies that lead us into victory at every turn. Open our ears to hear your voice and our eyes to see what you see. Lord let us walk out in the natural what already is in the spirit. In Jesus name we pray AMEN!!