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Good morning friends!! 

It’s raining and I just love this weather! Rain boots, umbrella, coats and scarves oh my!

God likes to speak to me in the most silliest of ways. I was going through my pics to delete them and saw this one and it all of the sudden hit me. I was smiling in the rain, with an umbrella, completely dry! Usually, I see it’s raining and I figure oh well I’ll just get a little wet, no biggie and then regret not bringing one. Ugh! How many times do we assume we can handle what’s going on without the help of the Lord? 

Today’s encouraging word is…allow the Lord to be your umbrella {something which provides protection}. He is able to protect you during the changing elements {seasons, issues, circumstances} of your life. Don’t leave him in the back seat {guilty}, or coat closet {guilty again} when you know you need him. So many times we see what’s going on and we try to weather the storm on our own; protect ourselves. Beloved friend, Christ came to be our umbrella of protection. I love the analogy of a mother hen protecting her chicks under her wings. Life is hard sometimes. Sometimes it’s just a little rain and other times it’s a downpour; either way we need him! He desires to be first pick. Go to him today and ask for what you need. Don’t assume you can do this on your own. Your need is indicative that you can’t. It’s ok. Be needy. Seek shelter. Run for cover! He can keep you smiling, dry, and protected all while you enjoy the journey! 

Have a great weekend my friends!!