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Good morning friends!! 

For the past 4 years my family has been on a journey. We were given very little insight to what we would have to go through. We were told to go and not look back. We followed blindly and willingly. We have encountered some major disappointments and frustrations. We had no idea of the struggle of what depending on God in the reality of our disappointments would be like. Nothing has gone according to what we thought it would be like {shocker}. Our expectations were huge! Our reality was less than huge…disappointing to be honest. 

However, this is not a story of how horrible our God is or how he failed us. It’s a story of a family who followed God and endured inspite of difficulty, discouragement, and disappointment. We have survived not on our own merits but by the grace of God. Although our expectations were not met he still met us in unexpected ways. We are real people with real feelings and emotions. We get tired. We get upset. We have our good and bad days. We press on. We continue to believe that there is purpose in the process. The process is done in the waiting; in the time in between prophesy and promise. The promise doesn’t have a chance to be all that it was design to be without a process. I have no idea what God has for my family but I know we are in preparation for it. I will not sacrifice all that I’ve known God to be and is on the alter of disappointment.

The very same God that ushered the Israelites across the Red Sea, the same God who silenced the mouth of the lions for Daniel, the same God who brought forth a baby from the womb of Sarah at 90 years of age, the very same God who delivered and blessed Joseph super abundantly, the same God who made David, a shepherd boy, a king, the same God who gave Joshua victory over all his enemies, the same God who raised Jesus from the grave, this God, my God, will do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that I could ask, dream, or imagine. YES, the One who is the same, yesterday and forever will see me and my family through {and yours} to our expected end. 

If you’re disappointed today know that you’re not alone. I want to assure you that what you’re feeling doesn’t surprise nor insult God. He sees you! He knows exactly where you are. You’re in a process. Even though you feel forgotten and forsaken you’re not. Be encouraged today that you are in great capable hands that have not let you go. There is no need to protect yourself or the reputation of God. He’s big enough to handle it all. Don’t despair. Don’t quit. Don’t turn around and go back. Keep moving forward even if it’s with tears in your eyes. Rest instead of worry. At the right moment the right door will be open to you and you will NOT miss it!! I’m praying for you today wherever you are my friend!!