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Good morning friends!! 

Ever have one of those days where you look at yourself and you don’t like what you see?! Yep, that’s been me the past few days. The enemy enjoys coming in and shining a BIG spot light on all my weaknesses and insecurities. What a jerk!! 

As I was driving this morning I was reminded of how much Jesus cares about what concerns us; how much he loves us. Yes, my freaking out over a sun spot concerns Jesus too. Why? When he died he not only cancelled the debt of sin on my life but he conquered over every lie the enemy would ever use against me. Self hatred is a lie! Criticism that makes me doubt myself…lie! Thinking I’m not good enough…lie! Wanting to look like so and so…lie! Truth is I have been fearfully and wonderfully made. Did you know that with all the hairs I lose in a day {a lot} Jesus still knows the number of them?! He looks at me with rose colored glasses and sees a beautiful princess clothed in robes of righteousness. When all I see is a 40 year old struggling to have perfect skin he sees me flawless. Oh to be able to see myself as he does. We try so hard to be this and that without ever realizing who we already are…chosen. Accepted. Forgiven. Loved. 

Lord, you know our struggle is real. You see us, hear us, and know us. Help us as we learn to accept who we are in you. Remind us of all the beauty you see when you look at us both inside and out. Cover us with your arms of assurance as we wrestle with our insecurities. We want to be confident. We want to believe all you see in us. Help our unbelief today. Squash it! Demolish it! In Jesus name!! Amen!!