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Good morning friends!! 

Have you ever looked back to another time and place and tears just streamed down your face because you remember so well the memory? 

I wrote this 2 years ago right after my son left for boot camp {Marines}. I had lost my dad to cancer less than a year earlier and had just moved to a new city a month prior and was feeling so alone and depressed. There was a lot going on in me. I was missing my dad terribly. I couldn’t breathe without my son and living in the middle of nowhere with no friends, no family, and no hope {even as I write this I’m in tears}. I cried a lot privately {still do}. I was trying to be strong for everyone; keeping it all together. We had already been through so much on our journey and I couldn’t be the one to falter in my faith with all the questions I had let alone have the answers for the ones everyone else was asking. This girl had to fake it and be happy and man what a burden that was to carry. 

His plan is not always what we think it will be. There are many surprises along the way and if we are not careful and hiding in him we will be caught so off guard that we will think we went wrong somewhere or that he left us. His promise to us is to make ALL things work for our good. No matter what the “all” is it can be used if we allow him to use it. He also promised to never leave or forsake us. This one is a biggie for me. The feeling of abandonment is a common tool the enemy uses to isolate us. Don’t fall for it…he is a liar! 

I can remember writing this and feeling so at peace. I love those moments where his voice can be heard so clearly. I was trying to be strong and bear the load that he alone was meant to carry…my questions, my disappointment, my grief, my sorrow, and every other broken part in me. The message was loud and clear…I can NOT but He CAN! 

What are you trying to do that has you overwhelmed? Are you carrying a load that is too heavy? Feel like you’re drowning? Trust that even though your waters may be turbulent right now or even muddied God is still in control. 

 Have a good day friends!!