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Good afternoon friends!! 

Got any dysfunctional {unhealthy behaviors or attitudes} habits? I think it’s safe to say we all do. Are they causing pain? Relational problems? Health issues? Maybe it’s time for some change. 

Growing up I had dysfunctional habits that as an adult were so very hard to break. Many of them dealt purely with the way I thought about things. The bible tells us “as a man thinks so is he.” I was a mess to say the least. I didn’t know how to be or think any other way. I knew in my heart the dysfunction was not normal but I had no idea how to break free. 

Even though my support system was mighty {and patient} needed to want to be whole. No one can decide for you! You have to acknowledge the dysfunction and move to correct it. There is a way that leads to right believing and right living…his name is Jesus! No, he didn’t come down and make everything better in one moment {that would have been my plan} instead he had a plan {let me add I wasn’t invited to this meering} to get me where he wanted me to be and all he needed was my willingness to get there. To list it all would take forever {this would my testimony to the world one day} but take my word it wasn’t easy. This process started 8 years ago {I told you I was a mess} and I am so proud of the progress I’ve made. The Lord loved me enough that he allowed some heartbreaking situations to lead me to freedom. I had to choose to fight, push, and even sometimes crawl but I wasn’t going to give up on me. For the first time in my life I felt that I was important. God had opened my eyes to see me as he saw me…what a beautiful person I saw that I would have to learn to love.

  • Don’t despise the process! It may be long, hard, and down right ugly but it’s for your good.
  •  Don’t try to rush it! Healing takes time. Learning how to be healthy {mind, body, soul} doesn’t happen over night.  
  • Don’t give up! You have to be committed to yourself and the Lord. Trust the process is working even though you may not see immediate results.

If you’ve been feeing a tug at your heart to get some things straight, changed, and healed then let me be the first to say “yahoo!” You are worth it!! Don’t ignore the still small voice that is calling out to you. Your healing and destiny is worth the time it will take to make you free!!