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Good afternoon friends!! 

It’s Friday yahoo!! I was feeling relaxed and ready to rest tonight but the boys are having a sleep over! Yikes!! Pray for me!! 

Last night as I was getting ready for bed my heart was heavy as I began to pray. There are so many things that I need God to do and I want to see him move…now. I immediately felt this check in my spirit that said “I have and I am, the greatest moves I’ve done for you Em have been in you, remember?” well that certainly changed my prayer. 

How many times do we look to touch our blessing and miss the wonder of the blessings God has done in us; the ones that can’t be tangibly held? A lot of times we can overlook our greatest victories because we can’t hold or touch them. When I look back over the past four years I see the miracles of a transformed mind and a healed heart. Outside situations may not have changed much but I can recall a time when I cried out to be delivered from my wounded heart and messed up mind set. God has done just that!! How could I have missed that?! Easily. When we think of blessings we see a great job, a house, cars, a closet full of clothes, and yearly vacations, to name a few. These are great blessings but they are not the only ones. A renewed mind and healed heart are blessings too. 

I don’t know what God has done in you or what he has delivered you from but I urge you to remember. God has done great things for us and we need to acknowledge them. I know you may be discouraged as to what you haven’t seen changed yet but God is working on those things too! He is concerned about every area of our lives. Don’t lose heart when you see all that needs to be done instead look at what has already been done. The Lord promises to make every crooked place straight. Trust today my friends that God IS moving!!  

Have a great Friday!! 💞