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Good morning friends!! 

I’m already up and at it. Haircuts, clean up from sleepover {thanks for the prayers everyone, I’m alive}, and football team mom duties! It’s gonna be a good one! 

No matter what your day looks like let me encourage you to rest. Yes, I know some of y’all work but this is another kind of rest. This rest doesn’t worry. It’s not your worries that get things done but it is the hand of God that personally handles your life. It doesn’t scramble to make things happen. You’re not your own source! This rest makes you dwell in peace. You will just know that you know that God won’t fail you. I don’t know where you are today but let me speak this over you…Not my might nor by power but by my spirit says the Lord!! You’re safe! You’re covered! You’re protected! You’re provided for! You’re forgiven! You’re loved! You’re his child! You will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living! You will live and not die to declare the works of the Lord. You will testify to the faithfulness of God! God will do all that he said and more just hold on dear friend! Today could be your day for breakthrough so walk in expectation!!