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Good afternoon my peeps!! 

There are days that I live on the edge of a breakthrough or a breakdown! Can you relate to this roller coaster ride? One day I feel great the very next I feel like I’m going to die. How is it that we can be so extreme? There is no way to avoid issues, people, or struggle so how can we remain stable and steady? Jesus tells us {John 16:33} “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” 

He tells us “TAKE HEART” to have hope, to be encouraged, be brave, cheer up, and be confident {not in us but in him}!! If he told us this then he must’ve known that there would be times that we would lose heart, hope, courage, and confidence; that there would be trouble. 

The last time I went on a roller coaster I had to get in line {a long one} and wait {I did NOT want to go}. Every inch closer my heart would drop and get butterflies because I knew what I was getting myself into. My son {the reason I was in line} wasn’t so sure he wanted to go through with it once he heard the screams. I told him you don’t have to get on {inside I’m screaming…please change your mind}. There is a gate that leads us out if you want to get out. Mom will respect whatever you decide. We didn’t get on after all. Smart kid!! 

We have a choice to ride the emotions of our flesh or trust God. God will respect our decision. He waits for us to decide. He stands ready to grab our hands and lead us to safety. He is able to steady and stabilize the flood of emotions that threaten our peace of mind, if we choose to allow him. Well, I choose Jesus! I choose peace! I choose to believe and trust! I choose to not allow my emotions to deceive me one day longer! I stand on the word of God and his perfect track record of victory! Not once has Jesus failed and he won’t start now!! 

Take heart my friend…we have Jesus on our side and he ushers us into victory and peace every time!!