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Good morning friends!! 

I woke up this morning singing a song about what a good Father God is. Seeing God as a father can be very hard for some; it was for me. We tend to look through the lense of our personal experience with our own dads. If our experience has been bad or even non existent it will be a challenge to see God as he really is. 

I love the movie “Father of the Bride.” I can not watch that movie without crying. The way George Banks loves Annie just melts my heart. He wasn’t perfect, in fact he was hilariously cheap but his love, admiration, respect, and devotion is what I imagined a dad’s love should be like. 

No matter what your experience has been I’m hear to tell you that our God is a good Father. His word says it. His actions prove it. His track record is flawless. He can be trusted. He doesn’t withhold good from you. He will always keep his promises and meet your every need. His plan is not to harm you but protect you. He stores your tears and knows the very number of hairs on your head. There is not one moment of your life that he has left you or forgotten you. He sees you. He ears you. He is for you and his heart will always be to give you all of him. 

Lord I pray today that you heal every broken part of us that keeps us from seeing you as you really are…our good Father. Comfort those of us who still grieve over the loss of our father and relationship. Bring peace and quiet the noise that drowns out your voice. In Jesus name…Amen!