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Good morning friends!!

Every year my husband and I request that the kids make their Christmas list {open season lol}. I must say the kids don’t disappoint as their list can be quite extensive. This year was no different but I noticed that my teenager had a really hard time making a list {will wonders never cease}. You’d think I’d be happy…no list…no gifts. Right? I was curious to what was taking him so long so I asked him. He said that what he wanted he knew he wasn’t going to get so what was the point in making a list. Hmmm. Not the answer I was expecting. 

How many times have we refused to go to the Lord with a request simply because we didn’t think he would answer us? 

I was hurt because I asked him to ask and he didn’t trust my heart towards him. He didn’t see it that way. He saw the times that he asked and didn’t get what he asked for. Sound familiar? I am not insinuating that our request is like a Christmas list or that the Lord is Santa Claus. It’s the principle here of asking when told to ask. The Lord tells us to pray; to bring our request before him continually. Often times we stop asking because we haven’t received in a way we expected. Just like my son, we don’t trust the heart of God towards us. We see an unanswered prayer and our hearts get hardened and distant. We get discouraged and disappointment sets in and we no longer pray and seek God for our needs and desires. 

God asks us to ask and seek him and he knowing the plan for our life will say no at times or not now. This is NOT him not answering or not hearing you. This is his protection over you but do not stop asking!!! Don’t be discouraged over a no or not yet. Be encouraged that the Lord knows your end from your beginning. He sees your need and wants and has a plan to meet them all. In the meantime he’s working on your behalf in unexpected ways. Trust the Fathers heart towards you…you are after all his beloved child.