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Good morning friends! 

There is no such thing as “random” in the kingdom of God. His word says he delights in the details of our life {Psalm 37:22}. Have you ever had a thought to do something for someone? Bless someone? A name just pop up in your head? Maybe someone is heavy on your heart? Those are details!! 

For over a month I had this feeling that I was to bless a friend financially. I was sure it was the Lords leading and I needed to be obedient. However, I didn’t immediately react. I procrastinated. I got distracted. The longer I delayed the more I doubted if I should do it. Situations came up that made me question if I could even afford to do it at all. Finally, God had to remind me in a dream to do it. Uh oh! Thankfully God is merciful and slow to anger otherwise I would have been in a lot of trouble {I’m thinking like a mom}. 

A few days ago I got a call from my friend and as she told me her about her situation I just cried! I wished I would’ve been obedient sooner!! Maybe I could’ve spared her some unnecessary heartache. Oh how we need to obey because we never know who or what is on the other side of our obedience. Although I didn’t know her situation God did! 

If God has laid someone on your heart or you feel a nudging to act…do it! Make the call. Send the card. Pray. Write the check. If you don’t see how it will help or how you can do it step out anyways. He knows all and sees all and you may be the answer to someones prayers including your own.