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Good afternoon friends! 

Every six weeks {sometimes 4} I venture into the dreaded act of…coloring my hair. I wish I had the genes of no greys but I don’t. My father had salt and pepper hair in his early twenties and those genes have been passed down generously to me and my children {you should see my 12 year olds hair}. 

Every lady who desires to wash that grey right outta her hair knows my pain. The process is messy, time consuming, and expensive. Yet, like moths to the flame we go, like clock work, through the process because in the end we look…not old. Lol! 

When the desired result is one we seek to have we endure a process that is less than desirable to get there. Baking a cake, dying our hair, building a house, having kids, breaking free from addictions and old habits, losing weight, it all requires a process. Sadly, some give up mid process simply because the mess deceives us of our progress. What we see and feel is not always comfortable nor accurate. This is a trap…a deadly one. 

Don’t allow the mess of the process to hinder your overall goal. Can you imagine if the baker stopped mid process simply because the ingredients didn’t look like a cake? Your life is a series of processes that must finish in order for you to be the best you. It’s gonna be messy. It’s gonna be hard. People will judge. You’re gonna want to quit but I encourage you to stay the course. Give yourself some grace. Don’t look at what you see now. Hold onto the hope that this too shall pass and when it does…mmmm cake!!!