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Have you ever forgotten something? Got up and walked into a room and all of the sudden you can’t remember why? Ever called for someone and they came and oops can’t remember why you called them? Came back from the store without the one thing you went for? 

This happens more times often then not and I’ve noticed a pattern; I’ve gotten distracted or I’m to busy. 

Today the Spirit of the Lord has gripped me and has sent me to remind you, whether you’ve been distracted or too busy with cares, remember why you’re here! 

Distraction and busyness causes us to forget that which we are called to. We get so tired from the busyness that we have nothing left to pursue with. Distraction lures us away and we forget who we are. Stop what you’re doing and get yourself together! Remember why you are here! Your goals. Your dreams. Your passion. Your calling. Your destiny. The very thing that once consumed you is what you’re supposed to pursue. That thing that has been so easy to shelf because it’s just too hard. The thing that you have allowed your mind to neglect. Pick it back up and get moving. You’ve convinced yourself that it doesn’t matter, you don’t matter, and you’re wrong! The Lord placed “that” inside of you for a reason. It belongs to you and you possess exactly what is needed to see it through!! Go back and retrace your steps and the Lord will cause you to remember and put a fire back inside of you that will recharge your next steps!! 

In the name of Jesus I pray a willingness to get back up and go! Lord infuse us with your spirit and move us beyond ourselves into our destiny. Lord forgive us for being complacent and forgetful with what you’ve given us to do. Bring a fresh vision and anointing. In Jesus name Amen!!