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Wherever you are please hear these words and let them settle deep within you. 

No matter how you feel you’ve failed you are not a failure! Your purpose hasn’t left nor has the presence of God. He’s been there all along. Your call to journey with Jesus came with a promise that he’d never leave or forsake you. Every mistake, wrong turn, or well intended choice that turn drastically wrong will work in your favor. This is not the end!! Don’t allow the voice of the thief to come and rob you of hope and steal your peace of mind. In the Lords gentleness he leads you and I to his heart where we change from old to new, bitter to better, stained to cleansed, mess to message, orphan to child of God. It is his gift of grace that makes room for us at his table to feast with no fear. There is room for you and me there, imperfections and all. He waits to settle, squash, demolish, and conquer over everything that ever tried to convince you otherwise. Come out from your pit and sit with Jesus at the table he has prepared for you. Here is where every need is met and every desired fulfilled. Don’t try and work it out before you come…come as you are, he’s waiting with arms open wide.