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That day started off ok. Kids at school, hubby at work, coffee in hand and I was good to go. My heart knew what that day was though…it was the anniversary of my dads home going. Although, I no longer grieve like I used to, that day, my heart ached differenly and it hit me out of the blue. As I was going through some old photos I came across one that punched me in the gut. I remembered that moment in time. How I felt. My situation. It came back like a flood and overwhelmed me with guilt. 

I had regret. Lots of it. My mind raced with what would have happened had I done things differently. There was so much fear then and now regret. Lord why now after all these years would I feel this way? I know the Lord didn’t show me this so I could wallow in self pity. No, he showed it to me so he could heal it. His intentions are for our good but no good can ever come out of a wound unless we allow Jesus access to heal it. Regret has a way of eating at us. No closure. No rest. Again, like so many other times I had to give it to him otherwise it would rot and torment me. 

Let me encourage you to not shy away from the gentle hands of Jesus when you’re in pain. We tend to retreat and succumb to solitude and isolation when we hurt. Jesus draws us out of hiding and into his safety. It’s there we find peace, healing, and release. Our burden is lifted. We get clarity. A new perspective. Hope renewed. Closure. A new chapter!!