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Good afternoon y’all! 

I hung my head in shame for surely it was my fault. Something I did or said set them off. Who else but me could be to blame? Their own words and actions convicted me everytime. I was convinced they were right; every word, unwanted advance, touch, and violation…guilty. 

Abuse, date rape, and years of bullying broke me down and I lived like this for years. Lies upon lies I bought and agreed with. It was so deep that I was full of dysfunction and toxicity. What a mess I was. Although the actions of another were not my fault it did lead to unhealthy choices of my own. It was easy to be manipulated when I failed. Seperating the two was an impossible task and I needed rescuing. 

Jesus in his loving kindness showed up in some miraculous ways to break every lie I believed. It didn’t happen overnight. Day by day he led me and I followed down a path of healing and amazing grace. He drew me in with his love and told me his truth. Truth that set this fearful and ashamed woman free. I will never deny the saving power of Christ that took every broken and shameful place in me and gave it purpose. I stand here unashamed and free and it’s all because of Jesus’ great love for me!!