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This time of year is the biggest season of giving. We shop till we drop and search high and low for the perfect gift. Each year I try to express to my children that it is not about the gifts but the thought behind them. I admit, I get caught up in the hustle and bustle and stray from the reason why. My patience begin to run thin and before I know it, love is not the reason I’m going crazy; obligation and pressure are. 

I want giving to be an act of love that can be felt not just seen. It doesn’t matter the cost, the brand, the size, or the even the list itself. Why are we giving? 

Our love should not be measured by how big or costly a gift is, it’s measured by the act of giving itself. Let’s be people who give because we love to and not out of obligation or pressure. Jesus came humbly but his reason, love, was anything but. It was the grandest display of love ever seen or felt in the hearts of all mankind. He set the example…lets follow it!