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I know that feeling…you know the one when you sense something is going to change and you have no idea how you just know. You feel sick. Afraid. Compelled. 

I believe the Lord prepares our heart for transition. It’s almost instinctive like migration for animals. No one teaches animals how to go,  where to go, and when, they just go. We, as followers of Christ have an internal compass that leads us true north…the Holy Spirit. That doesn’t mean the journey won’t be hard or challenging, it just means that we will end right where we are supposed to be.

I don’t want this to discourage you but encourage you. Had I known that resistance was building my inner self and strengthening me I wouldn’t have felt like such a failure. I would have given myself more grace. We wouldn’t be told to fight the good fight of faith if there wasn’t going to be a battle.  

You may feel all out of sorts today. Uncomfortable by what you’ve been feeling. Mind on overload. Emotional and worrisome. Every worst case scenario has played itself out over and over. Let me speak peace right now in the middle of the chaos. Let the truth of Gods abiding presence lead you to go, do, speak and act upon the prompting of your heart. God will always lead you into victory. Remember he is Emmanuel, God with you….every step of the way. Go in peace!!