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I’m a dreamer. I fantasize a lot of what could be. My imagination works overtime as I imagine all that God has for me. I do have to be careful to not assume that my dreams will just happen. I have a part to play in the plan of my life. My willingness to walk hand in hand with Jesus allows me the privilege of being guided by his voice and see his hand move in my life. I must be obedient to do as I have been told. This is the hard part. Walking {a verb} by faith will require that I must be a doer not just a hearer. The enemy would love to cripple us with fear and lies. Lies that tell us it doesn’t matter what we do or say. Don’t get stuck here! Most do. Do you realize how important you are?! 

We are not puppets but partners with God. Crazy thought huh? We have been chosen to co labor with one another and God. He placed eternity in our hearts and leads us to our expected end. But what if I make a mistake? What if I am wrong? Sometimes we will miss it, I have, but God in his grace redirects us and sends us back out. Don’t make this an excuse to be inactive. God tells us over and over again to not be afraid. Jesus lived courageously and full of power. We are to be like him. This is where we learn to discern {to detect with senses other than vision} his voice from our feelings and walk by faith. Jesus says his sheep know his voice {John 10:27}. Don’t be afraid to step out! We are not doing this life alone. Jesus said he would never leave us, never. We have a constant friend, advocate, intercessor, guide, and deliverer as we walk through this life. 

Let this year be the year you step out. Live courageously. Be brave and trust in the God you serve. You will have choices to make. Things to say. People to meet. Risk to take. I pray that courage takes you by the hand and propels you forward. There is much to be done and never underestimate the role you play in your story!