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What is it about our pain that we feel the need to mask it? We all do it. People will ask how we are and our answer is…we’re  fine. No, no we are not. Our families are a mess. Finances are in shambles. Our hearts are broken and our bodies are sick but to the world we are ok. 

Let me give you some advice…be real. You are not alone. There are others just like you in pain and distress. There is no benefit to shoving it all down. You’ll rot. 

Go to your church, family, friends. Reach out. If it’s hard to find people who can handle your truth, your pain, Jesus is always trustworthy and available. Don’t hide yourself away. God has placed people in your life who can listen, help, and pray for you. I am here. I may not know you but I can pray. I can join you and stand in agreement for healing, restoration, and relief. 

Please know that you are deeply loved. You are not alone. You matter. ❤️  

********************************* If you have any prayer request please send me a message. I would be honored to pray for you.