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To be brave is to show no fear; to be not afraid. That’s a tall order! Going beyond our feelings of the moment and stepping into the bravery we have deep inside is what God calls us to. We need to be unafraid. Unhindered. Unwilling to let our current situation define who we are. Our present and momentary affliction is just that…momentary. Today is NOT your forever. We are learning how to live for our tomorrow’s today. Don’t waste this day in fear. Grab ahold of it and allow it to work for you instead of against you. To be brave is to believe and move into the place of impossibility…in your mind. It’s starts here. You can do hard things. I can do hard things. Sometimes the hard is just believing. Breathing. Getting up and doing another day. Hoping against all odds. I challenge you to step into the atmosphere of faith, remove fear and insert trust. Our fear may feel real but it’s not our truth. The truth is we can and God will!! 

Lord, we come into agreement with your word that we are more than conquerors. You have created us in your image. You dwell on the inside of us and we have power through you. Breathe on us today the breath of life. Give us courage to believe. To be brave. To step out in faith and move in the direction of your leading. Your plans for us are good. We are yours and you take care of your own. In Jesus name…Amen 💞