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 There is grace for us who are walking by faith. We act upon what we feel is right and sometimes it doesn’t work and we either blame ourself or God. God looks at the heart and sees more than even we can. He discerns a mans ways. He is not waiting for you to fail. He knows you will. How many times does a child fall while learning to ride a bike? Is it the child’s fault for trying or the parents fault for allowing them to try. I hear the Lord saying “Our communication is being fined tuned. You are learning to walk and hear by faith and you will not get it right all of the time but don’t get stuck there. Keep going. Keep doing. Keep listening. Keep obeying. Accept my love and guidance as I steer you in the right direction. Don’t turn away from me in pride or humiliation. I am with you and for you. It is my desire for you to hear me, see me, feel me. Don’t stop seeking as I never stop pursuing you! Every step of faith you take I will allow it to work for your good if you let me.”