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I don’t want to follow after needless things or purposes. I don’t want to be like the world, that’s not my goal. It’s no secret that I’m a little bit different {hold your laughs😉}. I can honestly say there was a time I so desperately wanted to be apart of the crowd. You know that crowd…we all have one {or two}. The fancy purse club, the hot wives club, the big house club, super skinny chick club, church leader club, to name a few. It’s ok to want to be accepted but it’s to what lengths we’ll go to is the problem. When I decided to seek God’s best for me it revealed just how lacking I was in areas I never knew and guess what…none of it could be fixed with things or titles. At times it left me the odd ball out. Even the crazy foolish one. Following Christ’s best for us will often lead us to quiet, narrow places. We might look crazy. Sound foolish. Act strangely according to the worlds view. The word says when we do this {follow Christ’s will} we are considered wise {1Corinth. 1:25}. It doesn’t matter what the crowd thinks just so long as God looks at me and is pleased. To me, that is the best club to be in…the favored club!!