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I love watching a good movie or reading a good story. However, I do not like it when there is a serious plot twist and it throws me for a loop. I wasn’t expecting it! Seriously!! Way to change it all up!! 

Oh how our lives can be the same way. One day we are good and the next day BAMM it all changes. No matter what the changes are, good or bad, it takes a minute {or longer} to wrap our minds around what is going on. Adjusting to the change may take a little more time as well. 

I recall our first months in Texas. Talk about plot twist! I could not for the life of me wrap my mind around living in Texas. I mean, we are here, in Texas, but in my mind everything was California. Writing my address took some time for me to put the correct state. Realizing that my friends and family were not as close as they used to be. Knowing that I would have to make new friends terrified me.  

Some plot twist can throw you so far off and if we’re not careful they can destroy us. Like the passing of my dad. Never saw that kind of pain coming; for him or for my family. Some things won’t ever make sense and searching for the why’s will lead us down the road of bitterness. A dark and lonely road filled with shadows and despair. No good dwells there. 

I want to be strong. Resilient. Brave. Ready to face what comes unafraid.  Instead, sometimes I run and hide. Cowardly. Full of fear. A damsel in distress who needs rescuing. Through these past years Jesus has reminding me over and over and over again that if I run to him he can take any plot twist and turn into a story that brings hope, restores faith, and encourages others not to give up. Oh sure, I may have to face the big bad wolf or a wicked witch {hopefully not literally} but never alone or without a victory.  

With Jesus as the center of my story ensures that my ending will be fruitful, purposeful, and more than I ever dreamed or imagined. I may endure loss but he has promised to restore. So, I’ll take the plot twist knowing that it will ALWAYS be used for my good!