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This past weekend we went to the movies. I usually don’t watch these kinds of movies, my vote was for Dory!! However, during the movie the Lord began to show me some things. I saw a new generation of women rising up and taking their place. I saw the misfits and discouraged in their callings and gifts coming forth to realize they’re not crazy but in fact have a purpose. He showed me how we cower because of pressure and try to become what the world wants and in the process forfeiting who we are. Others have intimidated and used our gifts for their own gain and my heart was stirred as I watched women be degraded, silenced, and pushed aside. I’ve been one of them! Silenced by fear and rejection. Pressured to change who I am. Intimidated and used by those whom I loved and respected. Pushed so far into a corner, I lost myself that is until Jesus said enough is enough! Oh ya! Go get em Lord! It’s time we realize who we are, why we are here, and be brave enough to walk it out. I won’t rest until every women knows the value they hold in Jesus. You are not a mistake, stupid, useless, helpless, too far gone, ugly, fat, too old or young. You were created with a purpose! Your past is just that, the past. I know it hurt. Heck, it darn near killed you, but let it serve as a reminder that YOU ARE A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH! You’re still standing! God is for you! Take heart and move forward with courage, power, and a God who never loses!!