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Imagine a child on the edge of a pool, ready to jump, with their father waiting with open arms to catch them. Now picture 20 minutes later and that same child is still waiting to jump. By now the father has said many times over…I’ve got you, just jump already. 

How many times has the Father told you to step out, to jump, because He’s got you? 

What would you do if you knew that you’d be ok in the end? 

I’ve been that child. Full of fear. Intimated by the water. Afraid I’ll drown. Unsure that I would be caught. We all have those fears that hinder our progress. They scream loudly and echo lies in our ears. Sadly, we believe them and have grown accustom to their voices. We no longer challenge or silence them. 

Years ago I was given a dream that I whole heartedly believed. A passion began to stir in me and I walked in the truth that I was someone with a purpose. Along the way life hit me hard. Decisions I made. Other people’s decisions. Situations that came and stayed longer than expected. All of it became more than I could bare and I caved under the weight of it all. 

I stopped believing the dream, I stopped believing I had purpose. 

Have you been there? Are you there now? Can I whisper some truths to you friend? 

That dream, passion, desire, and promise is still alive in you! How do I know? You’re still alive!! All those moments, weeks, and years you feel have been wasted have created depths in you. What the enemy meant to distract and derail you the Lord has used to your benefit. Your God has sown his truths deep in you. He’s changed you. Although you may feel numb, you have transformed through the pain and become strong, beautiful, and a force to be wreckoned with. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to move closer to the edge of your destiny and put your foot in. Write that story. Go to the gym. Take a class. One step at a time and soon enough you’ll be all in. It’s not easy to overcome what holds us back, but today we need to take a step closer than we were yesterday. It’s a process. It takes time, but I have faith that with God on our side and a promise in our belly we can accomplish anything!