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What is the will of God for you? Some of us have no idea what that is. We live by our emotions. Our situations drive us and lead us down into a ditch of despair. 

When Mike was first diagnosed with cancer I heard this song “Thy will be done” by Hillary Scott. Powerful song. As I was singing it the Lord questioned me…what is my will? Do you even know what your singing? I had to stop and think. The scripture of when Jesus was teaching the disciples to pray came to mind…thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. What is heaven like? No lack. No tears. No pain. No sickness. I had been praying…IF it be your will Lord heal Mike 😳 why do we pray that way when God tells us clearly in his word what his will is? It is his will you be healed. Be prosperous. Live in peace. We rely on our emotions and not enough on the word of God. 

We have have the power and authority as children of God to speak things that are not as though there were. Speak. Declare. Call down the promises and word of God into your situation. Believe he is able to honor his word. No more believing lies. Don’t allow doubt, fear, and unbelief to be your guide. We have something greater…Gods word to lead us into all truth!!