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Telling the truth was always hard for me. It’s not like I was lying. In fact, I wasn’t saying anything at all. Being taught to not speak of the truth impaired my ability to process. To heal. I became numb to pain that was so harmful to my soul I couldn’t recognize how hurt I really was. Before you can live a life of truth you must acknowledge what aches in you. Learning to sit with yourself and allow the truth to stir in you. That is the discovery that changes everything. The Lord will not allow us to walk around numb forever. There will come a moment when it’s just you and Him and all the funk within you and his love collide. It’s a meeting of the heart, mind, and soul. Many of us will run till we die to try and avoid what hurts. Can I give you some momma advice? Stop running away from you. You will always be where you are. Good thing is, Jesus will always be ready to listen. His pursuit of you and your heart will never end. Are you ready to know the truth that sets you free? His name is Jesus. He is relentless about seeing you whole. Free from deep rooted sorrow and neglect. It won’t happen overnight. This is the Lords doing. He knows what we can handle. He’s gentle. Patient. Kind. Forgiving. He’s everything we don’t know how to be to ourselves. I pray you take a step closer to Jesus today. That you be honest with yourself and let him come and show you how to be whole. You’ll never regret it, I promise you.

Love, Em ❤️