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I don’t believe in luck. I don’t believe whatever will be will be. There are no coincidences. God is very purposeful with every detail of our lives. My thirties was a decade of radical change and transformation. I never imagined the series of events that would have led to where I am today. Had I known I would have stepped in and tried to change them. I am comforted in the fact that ALL things work for my good when Jesus is for me. It has taken almost 10 years to heal and recoup from hurts, brokenness, loss, lies, and separations that I never saw coming. I have been given the privilege of being hidden away for a purpose I have yet to see come to pass. My journey has not been easy but I’m so glad I walked it. I now know why God hides things from us. If we knew, we would step in and try to take over, change the script, rearrange a few things, and hinder his intended purpose{don’t lie you would too}. I was a woman living in the muck and mire of my past. I was afraid of a lot of thing but not anymore!! 

Well, today is the last day of my thirties and tomorrow begins a new chapter in the life of Emilie. I truly believe in new beginnings and am looking forward to what this next season will look like. I am grateful that I said yes to Jesus and allowed him to do what needed to be done…healing. There is a time and a purpose for everything. My sincerest prayer is that we all come to the realization that Jesus is for us. His intention is for our good. Don’t resist the healing and correcting hand of God. He is gentle and kind {even if you feel like your dying}. He is full of grace and mercy {even when you feel like you’re failing and far from him}. You are worth the time it takes to become all that he has planned for you! I pray you know the depths of Gods love for you and trust that where he guides is the safest place for you {even though you’re terrified}. Be strong and courageous! Don’t be afraid for the Lord is with you!! 💞